An overview

Illuminate is our specialist tool designed to guide trustees and sponsors through the financial management of their scheme. 

Combining clear, interactive displays with robust risk analysis - Illuminate can help you design an integrated strategy to meet your needs. You can see key information about your scheme instantly and monitor how your strategy is developing over time. Illuminate is dynamic so you can continually refine your strategy in light of market developments.

Setting and understanding an integrated strategy


Design a Recovery Plan taking account of covenant strength and investment strategy.


See how an exercise can benefit the funding strategy, and analyse costs.


You can design trigger points for an intelligent approach to de-risking over time.


See how your strategy develops into the future, and the impact of changing assumptions.

An integrated approach to monitoring


See how and why your funding level has changed and track de-risking triggers.


Review past performance and see how hard your assests need to work in the future.


Compare the costs of paying off a changing deficit to the changes in the sponsor's covenant


Receive notifications and alerts to keep you up to date with important events.

Easy access to information


See how the balance sheet and P&L have changed.


Thinking about securing benefits? Keep an eye on the buy-out market.


How much investment and longevity risk is the sponsor underwriting?


Try out different strategies and save a scenario to discuss with colleagues

"Illuminate is outstanding and undoubtedly the best interactive funding and investment modelling tool I have seen. It allows trustess to understand and explore the complex relationships needed for effective and robust decision making."
Robin Diamonte Chief Investment Officer, Advisory Commitee Member, UTC, The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

An innovative approach

We are constantly thinking of ways in which we can improve the service we provide to clients. We saw an opportunity to use technology to enhance the way we deliver valuation advice and developed Illuminate.

We recognise that our clients aren't looking for a pre-packaged product to access in their own time. Instead, Illuminate allows our consultants to provide advice which is clear, relevant and tailored in a modern, flexible way for each client. We believe this is much more valuable than an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.

Where is your scheme heading?

Tailored precisely to your scheme, Illuminate helps you to see things more clearly; using real time data to give you an instant overview of your scheme and the key risks.

Using Illuminate, we can help trustees and sponsors make informed decisions on their pension scheme strategy. Our experts can help you analyse all of the risks facing your scheme, including longevity and employer covenant and implement effective funding and investment strategies. Illuminate can then be used to track your progress over time and refine your strategy, as necessary. View our short video to find out more about Illuminate and how it can help you.

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